1-Acetylimidazole 2466-76-4

1-Acetylimidazole 2466-76-4


  • Catalogue No.: 12077
  • Product Name: 1-Acetylimidazole
  • CAS: 2466-76-4
  • EC: 219-577-7
  • MDL: MFCD00005287
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  • Price: $1150/5kg
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Assay: 98%
Appearance: white crystalline powder
Mp: 99-105℃

1-Acetylimidazole 2466-76-4 was used as acetylation reagent for amino groups. It was also employed for acetylation of histones. Relatively specific reagent for tyrosyl residue acetylation. Reagent used in the synthesis of annulated imidazole derivatives.

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