(-)-Diisopropyl D-tartrate 62961-64-2

(-)-Diisopropyl D-tartrate 62961-64-2


  • Catalogue No.: 11583
  • Product Name: (-)-Diisopropyl D-tartrate
  • Synonyms: D-(-)-Tartaric acid diisopropyl ester
  • CAS: 62961-64-2
  • EC: 263-771-4
  • MDL: MFCD00008876
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  • Price: $1100/5kg
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Assay: 98%, 99%ee
Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
optical activity: [α]23/D -17°, neat

(-)-Diisopropyl D-tartrate 62961-64-2 is a reagents for kinetic resolution of racemic allylic alcohols and α-furfuryl amides by enantioselective epoxidation.

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